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Truancy Campaign in a Mid-Sized School District

Challenge: After reopening following the first wave of COVID-19, a mid-sized school district discovered they were missing students.

When dealing with truancy, Caissa has the team of professionals ready to help track down your students.

Goal: We set a goal to bring 50 students back to the district over an almost 4 month period.

Work: Caissa began the campaign by obtaining as much information and data on the district and students as possible. Utilizing the data to create a targeted spreadsheet of contacts, Caissa’s grassroots specialists began initial outreach calls. After beginning to form relationships and familiarity with the contacts, we assisted them in the re-enrollment process. On top of our grassroots specialists outreach on the phones, we also visited the homes of our targeted families (socially-distanced, of course) if telephone contact was unavailable. Results: Based off our conversations with the parents, our team began to research the main drivers of why students were not attending the schools. We ultimately found that it was not intentional absenteeism, but miscommunication and concern of safety that was driving students away from the district We ultimately brought back over 80 students into the district and confirmed reasoning for departing the district for hundreds of families.

The district superintendent was thoroughly pleased with the results, saying “I was honestly shocked how quickly Caissa’s team was able to bring back so many students we thought we’d never get back. Their professionalism and commitment to our district was truly phenomenal”.

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