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Caissa K12 Institute for Public School Excellence

Our online learning institute is in BETA and ready for your team to test!  Call us today and see how you can get access for a discounted rate while we continue to refine our classes.

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Sample Courses

  • Media Training for Superintendents 

  • Customer Service Training for Principals and Administrators 

  • How to Destroy Enrollment Barriers 

  • Media Training for Principals and Administrators 

  • Customer Service Training Teachers

  • How to Manage Your District’s Reputation 

  • How to Dealing with Difficult People 

  • 3-21 Message Development 

  • Customer Service Training for Frontline Workers 

  • How to Secret Shop Your Competition 

  • Fight or Flight: How to Deal With Difficult Situations 

  • How to Become Their Advocate 

  • How to Recruit & Keep Your Students

Do it yourself software solutions coming spring 2023.
Beta testing is now open.
Call us at (901) 522-1030 to sign up.

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