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Chronic Absenteeism /
Truancy Campaigns

More than an attendance report, our team of real people determine why they are missing and find ways to help them get back to school.

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Fixing Chronic Absenteeism


Our system provides valuable insights, enabling us to take data-driven actions to boost enrollment and stabilize it over time. 

We use real people & data driven solutions to provide real time results!

Multichannel Outreach:

We leverage live calls, text messages, and emails to ensure that you have multiple touch points with students and their families. Our system makes it easy to communicate and stay connected.

Proven Methodology:

Our time-tested methodology for addressing  absenteeism provides a structured approach with a track record of success. 

We don't just guess; we have a strategy.

Proprietary Scripts:

Our meticulously crafted scripts are designed to engage students and their families with empathy and understanding, making it more likely for them to return to school.

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Our Competitive Advantage

  • Mornings, Nights, & Weekends

  • Real People Calling

  • Centralized CRM

  • Beyond Data

  • Targeted Pricing

  • More Than Reminders

Diverse Care Team

The Nations #1 Leader In Student Recruitment

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