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Chronic Absenteeism Campaigns

Chronic Absenteeism is a problem that affects us all. 

High attendance rates are a win win win. A win for the district, a win for the society, and a win for the student.  

Not Just a Tracking Software 

Mornings, Nights, & Weekends

Your dedicated care team of trained Enrollment Specialists works evenings and weekends to reach your parent at a time that works best for them. 

Centralized CRM

Our tracking system provides valuable insights, enabling you to take data-driven actions to boost enrollment and stabilize it over time.

Real People Calling

Our Enrollment Specialists are trained vigorously and vetted extensively to provide the best customer service to your parents. 

Targeted Pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of students you wish to track and the contract term. We offer flexibility to meet your district's unique needs.


We stand apart from competitors by providing comprehensive solutions that actually help students attend school. Our advanced systems and proven methods not only address the issue but also result in sustained and increased enrollment over time.

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Chronic Absenteeism Solutions

Results of Our Chronic Absenteeism Campaigns

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We Don't Just Guess; We Have A Strategy


Multichannel Outreach


We leverage live calls, text messages, and emails to ensure that you have multiple touchpoints with students and their families. Our system makes it easy to communicate and stay connected.

Proven Methodology


Our time-tested methodology for addressing absenteeism provides a structured approach with a track record of success. 


Proprietary Scripts


Our meticulously crafted scripts are designed to engage students and their families with empathy and understanding, making it more likely for them to return to school.

How We Do It

We tailor your entire campaign workflow to suit the unique needs of your district, incorporating the most effective vehicles and best practices specifically chosen for your parents.



From the initial outreach to the district report, our dedicated care team will guide parents every step of the way, ensuring that each student is positioned for success from start to finish.

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