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No Show

Registration is only half the battle, we have the tools to connect with your no show students to understand why they did not show up and the steps to get them back.

Competing for students to attend your school is at an all-time high.

CaissaK12 has implemented strategies learned from political campaigns to be able to connect with your no show students and get them back to the district.

We connect with your families to understand the barriers they are experiencing and help get them the resources they need so their students return to class prepared and ready to learn.

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Caissa Student Recruitment Methodology5-

Our Results

We were able to confirm that 1,356 of the 1,375 students were returning to the district the next school year in a highly competitive area. We tracked the individual names of each student and worked directly with the district to confirm all names returned the next school year.

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How We Did It

CaissaK12 implemented strategies learned from political campaigns to be able to touch every parent through multiple vehicles of communication. We accomplished this by providing material to send home in backpacks, working pick up and drop off lines, and through digital ads. CaissaK12 created individual landing pages so the parents could start the registration process before registration opened. This was put in place to keep the competition from getting the parents to commit before their neighborhood schools’ registration for the next year opened. The information collected from the landing pages was sent to the district so the registration department could follow up with the parents and guardians.

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