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Secret Shopper Evaluation

Knowing where you are is the best way to make strategic decisions about improvements in the future 

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The information our secret shoppers will provide to your district will give you an unbiased view of your district with clear ways to improve.  

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Evaluation Categories

First Impression

Substantial research has affirmed the importance of first impressions. While they alone will not ensure a family joins your school, a bad first impression is difficult to overcome. For purposes of our review, our reviewers ranked all contact with the school district up to the first contact with a school representative to discuss enrolling. This typically includes an initial phone call to the school and a site visit reviewing the grounds, signage, review of the infrastructure and initial contact with any other families and staff of the school.


Parents benefit from being involved in their children's education by getting ideas from school on how to help and support their children, and by learning more about the school's academic program and how it works. Perhaps most important, parents benefit by becoming more confident about the value of their school involvement. Parents develop a greater appreciation for the important role they play in their children's education.

Enrollment Process

The process of school admissions and enrollment — including application, lotteries and assignments, and registration — is one of the most costly and time-consuming tasks that a school needs to conduct. Also, the admissions process is the first touchpoint a family has with the school they are applying to, and it’s important for schools to make a good first impression.

Website Review

Not only does a website give your potential students information, but it also shows that you're up with the times. When you do have a website and utilize internet marketing strategies, prospective students will understand that you're interested in your school's growth and innovation.

District Reputation

Negative online reviews, news articles, and social media posts related to your district's reputation can affect enrollment numbers. We conduct research in these areas and offer feedback on how your district can build a more positive reputation in the community. 

Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for keeping parents and community stakeholders engaged with your schools. We research each school's social media presence and provide feedback on best practices moving forward. 

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