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Developing public school professionals into communications experts through interactive courses designed by the nation’s leader in student recruitment.

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Are you prepared for the new competitive nature of public education?

Schools across the country are facing increased competition for students. They must actively recruit and keep students in their schools. Despite your school’s outstanding education, it still must develop a rigorous process to shine a light on its competitive features.

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Customer Service Training

This course focuses on best practices to provide excellent customer service to parents and other decision-makers. The Customer Service Training will give your team the tools needed to implement policies that will harness effective relationships within the community. This course teaches communication techniques that will recruit and retain students year after year.


  • How to create a culture among your team that values recruiting students as well as the true value of keeping students long term

  • How to develop a rapid response team to deal with difficult situations before they get out of control.

  • The 7 responses to a crisis and how to choose the correct response for the situation.

  • Role-playing techniques used to determine message strategy

  • The 3-21 message development process to connect in a clear simple manner

  •  How to avoid potential land mine

Who Should Attend?
This curriculum is designed for any level team member that would be directly responsible for
dealing with parents and/or the community. This may include superintendents, district
leadership, department heads, communication teams, principals, teachers, and other district
Length: 2:00 hours
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Media Training 101 for Superintendents

Media 101 focuses on the key drivers everyone dealing with the media must embrace. During this course, your team will develop personal presentation tools that will prepare and build their skills for communicating messages with maximum impact.


  • How to avoid common errors often made when dealing with the media. 

  • Point of contact protocol.

  • How to deal with reporters in hard situations

  • How to conduct on-camera interview test sessions.

  • The 3-21 message development process to connect in a clear simple manner.

  • Pivoting language to ensure message discipline.

  • How to avoid potential land mines

Who Should Attend?
This curriculum is designed for high-level team members that would be directly responsible for dealing with the media. This may include: superintendents, district leadership, department heads, principals, and other district leaders. This course should also include your internal and external communication teams.

Length: 2:00 hours


How To Deal With Demanding And Difficult Situations

As our curriculum focusing on best practices to keep your students, we have designed an interactive course that uses gameology techniques to teach your team how to best deal with people and stressful situations.


  • How to use role-playing techniques with your team to better manage demanding people.

  • How to build rapport quickly.

  • How to conduct your own interactive techniques that can be utilized with your team.

  • The 7 responses to a crisis and how to choose the correct response for your situation.

  • Tools and language to reset customer expectations and de-escalate your situation.

  • How to think strategically and tactically about each situation without bias and emotion.

Who Should Attend?
This curriculum is designed for your team members that have direct contact or communications with students, parents or caregivers. From your schools' front-line team to those that send out communications, the individuals with the most contact can best influence students and families to stay.

Length: 1:30 hours

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The Customer is NOT Always Right!

But we sure do need them.

In the world of K-12 education, competition is at an all-time high. Millions of students leave public schools each year for charter and home schools. When families leave your school, so do the financial resources that make it possible to keep teachers, improve facilities and grow. From the nation's number one leader in traditional public school recruitment, The Customer is Not Always Right! But We Sure Do Need Them shows how interactions with difficult student families offer chances for incredible customer service. This book gives you exclusive insight and unconventional wisdom in communications strategy to build your public school's staff, student body and winning reputation. Buy the book

Only Morons Say "No Comment"

Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis.

Is your business in crisis? Have you been attacked by the media? Do you want to fix the mess, but don’t know where to start? Only Morons Say "No Comment" is the best rulebook you’ll find on crisis communication. A crisis can be scary, confusing, and difficult to navigate, but after more than 15 years in the business, Brian J. Stephens has developed a straightforward list of rules for you to follow that will help you take the blinders off, make a plan, and win. By reading the whole book or even just a few sections, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to manage any complex situation.

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