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Caissa provides strategic counsel, message development, targeted communications, and media strategies. These methods will get you out of your crisis and back on track to success.  

Learn what parents think about your school district

CaissaK12 believes public schools are the blueprint to the future and aims to keep them alive and well. We’ve used our proven methodologies to become the nation’s leader in student recruitment for traditional public schools. One of our tools is our Annual Recruitment & Retention report. This poll reveals what parameters K-12 parents, across the nation, are using to determine their school choice.

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Only Morons Say "No Comment"

Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis.

Is your business in crisis? Have you been attacked by the media? Do you want to fix the mess, but don’t know where to start? Only Morons Say "No Comment" is the best rulebook you’ll find on crisis communication. A crisis can be scary, confusing, and difficult to navigate, but after more than 15 years in the business, Brian J. Stephens has developed a straightforward list of rules for you to follow that will help you take the blinders off, make a plan, and win. By reading the whole book or even just a few sections, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to manage any complex situation.

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