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We face a far more visible world than ever before. Our specialists give your team the resources and training they need to best represent your company. 

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Let us help deliver a win on your next project.

Caissa has a dynamic portfolio of successful complex communications projects: from building issues campaigns and product launches to diffusing controversial crises and managing and growing reputations. 


Our competitive advantage over a typical public relations and marketing firm is our ability to effectively communicate to targeted audiences. We’re more than communicators, we’re influencers. 


Our work is based on proven methodologies that grow organizations and individuals through integrated communications strategies. 

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Drawing more students to your school or district, and keeping them there, whatever the scale of your need. Click to learn more

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At the first sign of an outflow of students, we identify the catalysts for stalling or declining numbers, build effective outreach to students and the community, and implement a long-term plan to sustain enrollment numbers. Click to learn more

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Whether your district is full of data novices or possesses a trove of figures and numbers simply waiting to be harnessed, we employ both qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze enrollment trends, including student interviews and parent focus groups. Click to learn more

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Prepare your team for anything – long after a campaign has ended. We offer communications coaching to engage both media and the public, community outreach training, and guidance on refining your district’s brand, and influence within the community. Click to learn more

Public School Services

When it comes to recruiting and keeping students to your school district, customer service matters. Setting yourself apart from other options is essential.


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Each school can offer a family a list of things, but not every school will make a family feel valued, cared for, and heard. Learn more about our recent experience: "Secret Shopping a Public School"

We know you care about your community. And we do too. Caissa provides the grassroots experience and tools you need to help those you care about.

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